whale belly pergola

A pergola. It is bleached gray white. Each rib is huge but also slight, as the sun shoots through gaps. Each piece of spine is straight rolled paper tube, but the length of the spine is broken. The ribs are anchored into a wood frame, slotting in the ground. There is a gap between the frame and the anchor. An organic impression, but a systemic approach.

It arrives in a stack of ribs of 3 sizes, all over length to be cut on site. Long paper roll tubes are cut onsite into the spine sections. The ribs fit to a steam-bent sheet collar (not shown) that clamps around the tube, distributing the load of the rib.

yet to be sketched

Is rolled paper tube strong enough? Can you weatherproof it? How does the collar work? How does the bottom of the rib connect to the ground?


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